The Cuyahoga County Hoarding Connection's mission is to educate the community about the need for a coordinated effort of personnel from local government, mental health and social service agencies to effectively help individuals who hoard and those working with individuals who hoard.

Our goal is to identify responders, resources and personnel throughout Cuyahoga County, and to educate and train them about the characteristics of hoarding. We promote a comprehensive approach to helping individuals who hoard, while protecting the safety of responders and the community.

More than 20 organizations from the public, nonprofit and private sectors are working together as the Hoarding Connection of Cuyahoga County.



Research Opportunity

Does your child collect items of little to no value, such as rocks, lint, empty bottles, bottle caps, leaves, old school papers, old magazines, or old greeting cards? Does your child struggle to throw things out or become anxious when asked to throw things out? Help CWRU researchers learn more about children who collect large amounts of items. If your child is between 10-17 and collects a lot of items please fill out our online questionnaires! We hope to use this study to learn more about collecting in children. You can participate by going to


Buried in Treasures

Buried in Treasures is a 15-week, action-oriented peer-led treatment group to help people manage their hoarding behaviors - acquisition, discarding, and disorganization.

Groups are forming now for September 2018 starts in Middleburg Heights and on Cleveland's west side. More information and sign-up

To be notified when a new group starts in your area, click here.


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